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Learnings from living through a pandemic

Words by Bridget Barnett

Having passed the halfway mark of a year that has been one of the most challenging of recent times, it’s safe to say that COVID-19 has thrown a spanner in the works. So what are the silver linings and the most important takeaways? We ask our community to share what they’ve learnt thus far.

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“Adapt fast. The world takes many twists and turns, and in 2020, that has been amplified exponentially. If you do not act fast – I mean within even hours of the tremendous shifts we are seeing culturally – you could potentially be left behind with everlasting effects. 2020 has also taught me what is of value, and for me I am just lucky to be here.”

– Cate Holstein, Khaite

Image from @hollyryanjewellery

“For me, 2020 has been all about embracing change and harnessing feelings of frustration to turn them into innovation. Returning to our intuitive and more sustainable approach is something that has really helped see my brand through this uncertain time. It has helped me to remember the importance of what I do – making quality jewellery that is timeless and built to last. Because of this, we are focusing on seasonless collections moving forward. We are also about to open the doors to a brand new studio in Sydney, and this time of isolation has been an opportunity to slow down and get really clear about what I want this to look like. It is going to be a really exciting opportunity to collaborate with our clients more through private consultations and expanding our bespoke jewellery services.”

– Holly Ryan, Holly Ryan Jewellery

Image from @manu_atelier, Image Courtesy of Manu Atelier

“2020 has absolutely taught us that even the simplest things can be gone anytime and we should stay in the moment. In the midst of daily life, you can sometimes forget what you have already. This new year has taught us to take care of ourselves, our loved ones and our world. Nature, humanity, animals – we should protect all. We should take care of what we have if we don’t want to lose it. To protect them, we need some changes; to change the world in a better way, you should first change yourself. 2020 has been shaking us all to start from somewhere.”

– Merve Manast?r & Beste Manast?r Ba?datl?, MANU Atelier

Image from @byfar_official

“Definitely to stay united! Everything is possible if we stick together and help each other. We truly hope the events from this year will serve as a cathartic experience, and positive change is on the way. Another important thing is to always stay optimistic and to never give up! It sounds like a cliché, but we always repeat this to ourselves, our families and our team, and it does magic! We are responsible for our future and together we can create a thriving environment where we all grow and support one another.”

– Valentina Ignatova, BY FAR

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