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Jason M. Angsuvarn of Jason Markk is a shoe-in for tips and tricks

Words by Bridget Barnett

Jason M. Angsuvarn knows a thing or two about keeping sneakers looking clean n’ crisp. As the founder of Jason Markk, the world’s most trusted shoe cleaning brand, he has been perfecting the art for over a decade.

Image Courtesy of Jason Markk

Naturally, when it came to learning about extending the life cycle of our kicks, we turned straight to the man himself. Read on to discover his five top tips.

Image from @jasonmarkk
  1. “I always keep a soft-bristle brush handy. Oftentimes, our sneakers aren’t dirty enough to warrant a clean, but aren’t exactly looking the freshest either. Before heading out, take a minute to give your sneakers a quick dry-brush to remove any dirt and dust on the surface – it may make all the difference.”

  2. “Conditioning of sneakers is often overlooked. This mainly applies to leather, suede and nubuck materials. Over time, leather naturally dries out which could lead to the material cracking. Fortunately, our solution not only cleans, but also has a natural conditioning property leaving the leather looking and feeling more supple.”

    sneakersImage from @jasonmarkk

  3. “I love when sneakers come with multiple laces. Aside from having styling options, swapping in a new pair of laces gives your kicks a renewed lease on life. If you don’t have a new pair of laces to swap in, give your existing laces a clean. A simple swap will dramatically transform the look of your shoes.”

  4. “Take care of your things and they’ll take care of you. Regular maintenance and proper storage is key to keeping your sneakers looking fresh. Giving your rotation for the week ahead a clean before stashing them back in their boxes is a great start. Additionally, keep your sneakers stuffed to help prevent creasing.”

    sneakerImage from @jasonmarkk

  5. “One key area of the sneaker that is important to keep in great condition is the midsole, especially if yours are white. Any little smudge on a white midsole throws off the look of the entire shoe. Luckily for you, our Quick Wipes are individually packaged making it easy to clean on-the-go. Don’t get caught slippin’!”

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